About Virtual Fashion

It challenges to a new fashion.

The virtual fitting system realized at low cost.

According to the body of the user reflected to the camera, Virtual Fashion makes the three-dimensional data of clothes fit in real time, and displays it. Since a display on the front, the side, and 360 degrees of rear surfaces can be performed and clothes also move automatically according to a pause, realistic fitting can be enjoyed.

Since natural fitting is possible, it becomes easier to perform the challenge to a new fashion, and proposal to a user.


Big data is utilized.

the pattern of a product, a color, and a style -- various --
[ develop however ] Isn't there any trouble that the specific product has not led to sale?

In Virtual Fashion, the face authentication
function is carried and a user's age, sex, and the selected
product can be accumulated.

By utilizing the big data stored with the virtual fashion, a
visitor tries on new work in advance, a purchase layer
(an age, sex) is grasped, and it becomes possible to tie to
sales more certainly. I can use it as a tool powerful from a
plan to sale (proposal).

A natural motion is possible

Virtual Fashion can also express the weight of a heavy material like satin, a light material like organdy, and such a material by a physics simulation.

Moreover, operation of bending touch when the skirt waves, and the body, or twisting can also be followed automatically, and it can also check as a time 360 degrees.

From now on, a shirt, a necktie, a coat, trousers, and a total coordination are enabled like a suit.

A proposal is possible to a visitor

The face authentication function is carried in Virtual Fashion , and a user's age, sex, and the history of the selected action are accumulated in it.

Combining the purchase record data and like a store which the virtual fashion accumulated, the same age and sex can guess interest or whether it is purchased for what kind of product, and it can propose the product of the style which has not been purchased yet.

It is also possible to propose the product in a sale preferentially.

General-purpose application

To common PC, since it can introduce, Virtual Fashion does not need to purchase expensive equipment separately.

Therefore, providing with budget prices is possible.

Required spec.
Display size FULL HD
OS Windows7~
CPU Core i7 (Ivy Bridge~) 2.2GHz~
Memory 8GB~
GPU Intel iGPU HD4000~