• Virtual Fashion Product operation demonstration 1

    It is the image which was allowed to use the specular surface display of Tomen Electronics, Inc. by 3D and a virtual reality exhibition (IVR).

    VIRTUAL FASHION exhibited by IVR, Since it projects to the screen which is made of a mirror, a check is also possible, applying an actual product to the body toward a mirror as usual, and by making oneselves display in piles, it is stress-free and can check 360 degrees of realistic product data of 3D.

  • Virtual Fashion Product operation demonstration 2

    the 360-degree rotation which bends the body since VIRTUAL FASHION is also followed by fitting the body automatically -- although it flies, it follows firmly. Moreover, since Mr. Shige, such as a heavy product and a light product, also expresses by physics simulation, it can check as if it was trying on truly.