Proposal and an introduction example

The number of products

Is that there is no margin in the size of a store and it cannot display many products etc. a trouble?

Virtual Fashion , Since many products can be introduced in a little space, the store owner who had given up because of the limitation of a space does not give up, either, but he can introduce a product from now on, and a store becomes possible [ also holding the same number of products as a big store as it is narrow ], and leads to sales promotion.

It is a sequence to a fitting room.

Is that there are many visitors and the fitting room is always buried etc. a trouble?

Since, as for VIRTUAL FASHION , the dress worn now specially cannot come off but it can also try on と, if you try on another product, it will lead to sales promotion in the time which the efficiency of fitting increases hard and removes dress until now to wear.

Fitting takes time

Are they that fitting of a kimono or a dress takes time and it cannot perform many product introduction, etc. and a trouble?

VIRTUAL FASHION , Since it can try on with the dress worn now, if a virtual fashion is used in the kimono and dress which require time for dressing, isn't it possible not only shortening of time but to reduce the cleaning cost of an after-fitting dress?

The challenge of a novel design

Are they ... etc. and a trouble although he would like to challenge a new design?

The face authentication function is carried in Virtual Fashion , and a user's age, sex, and the history of the selected action are accumulated in it.

The these-stored data is utilized and a check can perform promptly what kind of design the market likes.